Camp Attitude is a not-for-profit 501.c3 organization that depends upon the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations who believe, along with us, that adults and children with mental and physical challenges deserve to experience the affirming fun, restoration and inspiration a summer camp experience brings.  No investment yields greater returns than the investment you make in the life of a child.

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We really appreciate any and all donations! Thank you!

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  • Donations – One Time or Become a Monthly Donor!
  • Volunteer During Camp
  • Sponsor a Camper or A Family
  • Raise Funds for a Project
  • Contribute Abilities and Skills
  • Donate specific items from our wish list
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At Camp Attitude we strive to provide new and unique opportunities to campers with special needs. Our activities are adapted and accommodations are made to meet their needs and make it possible for them to do things they have never done before!

Our most current capital campaign is raising funds for the Pavilion addition. This building will be used for our in door seating for meals. Our next capital expenditures include improvement projects to add some additional staff bunk houses / meeting rooms and our big improvement of a Camp Lodge. Please consider making a difference in the life of a camper through the capital campaign by donating now through link on the bottom of the page.

In the natural course of life at a camp that is ministry-based, there are one-time needs that are just a bit larger than the budget allows. Anywhere from supplies to building materials to volunteer work groups. Maybe you have access to some of these items and can get them in a cost-effective manner and benefit our program.

Current items needed for 2017 Summer at Camp Attitude:

  • Activity items-Play Doh, gently used/new legos, scrapbooking items, colored paper, markers, plastic page protectors.
  • Food donations-meats, fresh fruits throughout summer, milk, dried goods, snacks OR a contact for any of these.
  • Single air mattresses
  • 6 man tents
  • Office products such as printer paper(plain and colored) or gift card from office supply store to get ink cartridges for printers etc
  • Gift cards to Walmart, Costco, office depot, Staples, Amazon, Dollar Tree
  • Hay for our horses(please call for specifics)
  • Household goods-Paper towels, Clorox wipes, baby wipes, wet ones, ziploc sandwich bags
  • 4 under-the-bed plastic containers for sensory stations
  •  Utility wagons
  • Playground equipment-Wooden play structure,red balls, basketballs, hula hoops, jump ropes etc
  • If you think you have something gently used that we could benefit from, please contact us at 541-401-1052

Camp Attitude is in need of these larger items:

  • Building Supplies for projects-Wood,paving,gravel etc.
  • HVAC Equipment to get air Conditioning in two buildings. $3500 per building.
  • Two generators for power outages. We have some campers on respirators so we are in need of back up power.
  • 6 Apartment size refrigerators 9 to 10 cubic ft. size.
  • New to gently used golf carts w/gasoline engine.
  • Professional HD Video camera.
  • Computers and printers for learning

If you would like to donate any of these items OR the money to purchase any of these items, please contact us at 541-990-6494 or e-mail

You can drop off your donations to:
45829 S. Santiam Hwy
Foster, Oregon 97345

Camp Attitude operates under a annual budget focused entirely on camp operations (general and administrative) and program expenses. Just over 60% of our funding comes from contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. The remaining 40% is from volunteer fees, merchandise sales, retreats and miscellaneous income.



If you would like to help be a part of Camp Attitude please feel free to contact us!

Camp Attitude
P O Box 207
Foster, Or 97345

For specific questions about donations, please contact us at 541-401-1052 or email